B10xB Perpetual Coaching Wristband
B10xB Perpetual Coaching Wristband
B10xB Perpetual Coaching Wristband

B10xB Perpetual Coaching Wristband

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Make a commitment to yourself and The B10xB Movement by rocking The Legendary B10xB Wrist Band, aka "Brain Trainer" with pride, every where you go!

Here's how this simple band will help you transform yourself into a ten times bolder version of yourself... 

The next time you feel fear or hesitation one glance at this band will remind you of your commitment to Be Ten Times Bolder® and that you need to immediately ask yourself... "What would I do if I was ten times bolder?"
Whatever it is you think of in that moment, do it.
If you don't, pull the B10xB band and snap it on your wrist. Because we're wired to avoid pain, after enough painful snaps, your brain will begin to associate pain with not acting boldly and will start pushing you to be ten times bolder in the future.

Product Sizes

Medium sized B10xB wristbands are 180mm in length. 

Large sized B10xB wristband are 202mm in length. 

Extra Large sized B10xB wristbands are 220mm in length.

When you buy this band you're not just making a commitment to yourself, it's also your membership card to our amazing community of thousands of like minded individuals just like you who are also committed to being ten times bolder!
So rock your B10xB Band with pride and be sure to share your bolder moments with us in our Facebook community "The B10xB Movement". We'd love to show you some love and maybe even put your name in lights by featuring your story!

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