B10xB Starter Pack
B10xB Starter Pack
B10xB Starter Pack

B10xB Starter Pack

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The B10xB Starter Pack is your key to transforming yourself in a ten times bolder and more badass version of yourself! It includes...

(5) B10xB Wrist Bands to wear and share! (2 Medium, 2 Large, 1 XL) *You can add additional wrist bands once this starter kit is in your cart. ($50 Value)

(1) B10xB Quick Start Guide Your definitive guide on how to be bolder in every situation and eliminate fear, indecision, and doubt. ($5 Value)

(1) B10xB Warning Label (The contents of this kit are so hot that it needs to come with a warning label. Warning: This warning label will make you laugh)

(2) B10xB Stickers (1 White, 1 Silver) Stick em on your laptop, car, cell phone, or anywhere you want to remind yourself or others that B10xB is LIFE! ($10 Value)  

(1) Custom B10xB Shipping Bag so your B10xB goods arrive in style and make everything else you got in the mail that day wish it could be as fly as that bag.

(1) B10xB Boot Camp Course w/Graduation Certificate! 8 Module Video Training Program that'll reveal secrets, strategies, & scripts that when used will help you fearlessly & confidently approach anyone about anything, get more pay raises, promotions, rank advancements, dates (for my single people), and crush it in every area of your personal / social life as well. And after completing Boot Camp you'll be sent a custom diploma/graduation certificate that says you're a Boot Camp Graduate & a Certified B10xB Beast! ($297 Value) (Limit 1 course per user).

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